The Love Screener

Listen to the Love Screener seminar and download the handy wallet size quick reference card of the full Love Screener formula so you can have it with you on a date.

The average wedding costs $30,000 why not spend a few hours learning how to marry the right person?

Learn how to tell, beginning with the very first date, if someone is right for you. The earlier you determine this, the easier and cheaper it is for you and your partner.

Who you marry determines more of your happiness than any other decision you will make but you aren’t properly taught how to choose in school, church nor at home that’s why The Love Screener was created.
Not only does The Love Screener give you a formula for determining the right match for you but it gives you great advice on where to meet the right person and how to add safety to online dating.

Created by marriage counselors and the authors of Bedroom Talk: How To Turn Your Marriage Into A Lifelong Love Affair, The Love Screener is a one of a kind seminar and process that can help you ask the right questions in the right way to determine the right person.

Over half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce with divorce costing tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees, financial help and involved real estate expenses, not to mention the emotional and psychological impact on both adults and any children involved. Why not invest less than the cost of one date to greatly improve your odds of having a relationship that will stand the test of time with the latest researched backed formula presented in The Love Screener.

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